In Ranvier all items for an area are defined in a single file within the area folder: items.yml

Example File


- id: 1
  name: "Rusty Shiv"
  roomDesc: "a razor-sharp shiv coated in rust"
  keywords: [ "shiv", "rusty", "shank", "metal", "rust" ]
  description: "A short, jagged metal shard, discolored with red corrosion. Rather than a handle, someone has wrapped grimy grip tape around the base of the instrument."
  script: "1-shiv"
  slot: 'wield'
      speed: 10
      damage: 1-15
- id: 2
  name: "Slice of Cheese"
  roomDesc: "A moldy slice of cheese"
  keywords: [ "slice", "cheese", "moldy" ]
  description: "A yellow, slightly moldy slice of cheese. Only a rat could find this appetizing."
      duration: 240
- id: 3
  name: "Wooden Chest"
  roomDesc: "A wooden chest rests open in the corner, its hinges badly rusted."
  keywords: [ "wooden", "chest" ]
  description: "Time has not been kind to this chest. It seems to be held together solely by the dirt and rust."
  items: [ "limbo:1" ]

Definition Fields

field type (default)

id number
required Item id unique among the items of the current area
type ItemType (OBJECT)
See src/ItemType.js. Natively doesn't not change functionality, simply a helper for you to use in scripts to detect the item type
name string
required String seen in the player's inventory, equipment list
roomDesc string
required String displayed when the item is seen on the ground in a room
keywords string
required Keywords that the player can use to target this item, does not need to be unique
description string
String displayed when the player looks directly at the item
script string
Name of custom script to attach to this item (See Scripting)
behaviors Object<string,Object>
List of behaviors to attach to this item. Key is the behavior name, the value is the configuration for that behavior. For boolean (on/off) behaviors, true suffices for the config. (See Scripting for creating behaviors)
slot string
If the item can be equipped slot identifies the wear location of the item. This can be an arbitrary string but you probably want to limit to a standard list of locations
attributes object
Arbitrary list of attributes to attach to this object. There are no constraints on this so you are free to assign basically anything here that you want to look for inside commands/scripts/etc.
items array<EntityReference>
List of Entity References identifying which items should be loaded into this item's inventory