Server Config

Ranvier configuration is stored in the ranvier.json file in the root of the project.


field type (default)

port number (4000)
Port that the game runs on. Note, port < 1024 may require that you run the ./ranvier executable with sudo.
bundles array<string>
List of enabled bundles, for details see the Bundles section
maxAccountNameLength number (20)
minAccountNameLength number (3)
maxPlayerNameLength number (30)
minPlayerNameLength number (3)
maxCharacters number (3)
Account and character creation validation settings
allowMultiplay boolean (false)
If enabled players can log into multiple players on their account at once
startingRoom EntityReference ("limbo:white")
Room player is placed in when first created
moveCommand string ("move")
Name of the command that will handle when the character types a movement direction (See src/CommandParser.js for natively supported directions)
skillLag number
Default milleconds of lag to apply after a skill is used before they can use another skill. Can be configured per skill
logfile string
Filename to be used for logging. Optional; by default Ranvier will only log to the console. Logs will be in the /log/ directory and will always end in .log.
defaultMaxPlayerInventory number (16)
Default maximum number of items players can carry. NPCs default to Infinity.
maxIdleTime number (20)
Maximum number of minutes a player can idle without entering any commands before being automatically kicked. Remove this key/value pair or set it to 0 to disable autokicking idle players.
playerTickFrequency number (100)
Number of milliseconds between updateTick events on players. Might want this to be faster (16ms) if using websockets.
entityTickFrequency number (100)
Same as playerTickFrequency but for game entities (areas, rooms, npcs, items)