Community Bundles

Bundles are what make Ranvier work and are made to be shared. This is a list of bundles written by the community for you to drop into your game. To get a bundle you've published added to this list send a pull request to the docs repo. For installation see the Bundle Guide as well as any specific instructions each bundle may provide


Bundles which add networking functionality to your game

NPC Behaviors

Bundles which provide behaviors to add functionality to your NPCS

  • lootable-npcs - Allows for NPCs to drop loot on death with configurable and nesting loot tables
  • vendor-npcs - Allows for NPCs to be item vendors supporting multiple currencies

Area Behaviors

Bundles which provide behaviors for your areas

  • progressive-respawn - Behavior for continuous progressive NPC/item respawn in an area rather than all-at-once respawn every N minutes


Bundles which provide player commands